After working with QHCR and Polaris Group for only five months, Hartsfield Village was able to accelerate cash flow, receiving cash payments up to 10 days faster on average and reducing aged accounts receivable by up to 10%.

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    Navigate MDS changes with skilled remote support
    With the surge in demand for MDS coordinators, it's clear that strengthening your team is more crucial than ever.

    Polaris Group, in partnership with MatrixCare, offers a Remote MDS Coordinator Program to provide expert assistance without the recruiting and training headaches that can come from in-house hiring. Remote MDS coordinators are seasoned LTC professionals with broader clinical and compliance experience who are dedicated to ensuring timely and accurate assessments while working remotely to avoid on-site distractions.
    Benefits of Polaris Group’s Remote MDS Coordinator Program include:
    • Access to a broader talent pool
    • Eliminating MDS coordinator turnover
    • Support for your IDT with a focused and skilled MDS leader
    • Expertise in the MDS Assessment, RAI manual, and leading IDTs
    • Participation in all key meetings and in Care Planning
    Working team

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